Please use the materials below to determine the best booth location and size for the NACS Show.

Apply for Booth Space

Review important notices and submit your online application on your assigned date and time.

Booth Size & Growth Limitations - Booth size growth for all participating exhibitors will be limited.
  • Exhibitors must maintain the same booth size for at least three (3) consecutive exhibiting years at the NACS Show. If size consistency is confirmed, incremental growth may be permitted.
  • Factors that may affect booth growth include mergers and acquisitions, broker and distributor partnerships, and NACS or PEI premium membership levels.
  • First-time exhibitors will be subject to a maximum booth size based on membership level. (10'x10' booth size maximum for regular NACS and PEI members)

First-Time Exhibitors (Early Selection – New Exhibitor Area) – First-timers, don’t wait to reserve your space in the New Exhibitor Area. Space is limited! New applicants may apply early for 10’x10’ booth space in this highlighted area of the exhibit hall (based on priority points). For reservations of larger booths, or booth locations outside of the New Exhibitor Area, first-time exhibitor applications will be deferred to general selection by Priority Group. Contact your account manager for details.

Floor Plan Details

View your preferred booth locations in your product-based Pavilion.

  • Online Floor Plan
    Click any hall on the floor plan to zoom in and view available options.
    • North Hall – Merchandise, Candy & Snacks, and Facility Operations Areas
    • Central Hall - Merchandise, Candy & Snacks, Foodservice, Technology, Fuel Equipment & Services, and New Exhibitor Areas
    • NEW - South Hall Expansion - CBD Booth Pavilion and other NACS Features
  • Expo Traffic Overview - Review key areas of interest and NACS Show campus overview.
  • Special Floor Plan Notes - hanging sign restrictions (low ceiling areas), floor load capacity, drain availability

Booth Changes and Policy Documents

Download and review these documents in advance.


Please contact the appropriate account manager with any questions and we can answer your request as soon as possible.