When determining if you should ship your freight in advance to the warehouse or direct to show site, consider what is being shipped and how much time you have to prepare your shipment.

Why ship to the warehouse?

  • Shipment will arrive in plenty of time. The exhibitor will be alerted as to when the shipment arrives and if there are any problems with the shipment. It gives the exhibitor time to react to any issues
  • Your shipment will be on site at the booth when the exhibitor arrives and work can begin as soon as you arrive. There will be no waiting in the marshalling yard or at the dock.
  • Crated and skidded material can be shipped to the warehouse. Pad wrapped and un-skidded material must ship directly to show site

Why ship directly to show site?

  • Your shipment can arrive later. This is important if you are shipping exhibits from show to show with no warehousing in between.
  • Less handling, so the risk of damage is reduced.
  • If the exhibit is pad wrapped or machinery is involved the shipment must come directly to the show.
  • It is better to ship crated material to the warehouse and time sensitive or fragile equipment directly to show site.

Drawbacks to shipping directly to show site:

  • Target times must be met.
  • There could be waiting time for trucks. Some trucking companies charge for waiting time. What is most important to you, waiting time or set up time?