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NACS Show 2023
  • Conference: October 3-6, 2023
  • Expo: October 4-6, 2023
  • Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta

Jeff Hove

Vice President
Fuels Institute

Jeff Hove is the Vice President of the Fuels Institute. Founded by NACS in 2013, the Fuels Institute is a non-profit that evaluates market issues related to vehicles and the energy that powers them. The Institute, led by a diverse Board of transportation experts, is an objective and collaborative research organization that does not advocate.

Hove has over 20 years of experience in the fuels and transportation industry. His work primarily focuses on areas of industry and government regulation as it relates to reducing carbon emissions while improving business metrics and profitability. Hove has designed and implemented numerous software solutions, including the recent development of ESG Integrity, which allow industry to meet compliance and business demands to grow revenue.

Moderator for:

State of the Industry: Fuels EditionĀ 

Although fuel demand almost returned to pre-pandemic levels in 2021, supply issues during the first half of 2022—including labor and truck driver shortages—remained a pain point for...

Telling Your ESG Story

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