Age verification has always been a challenge for convenience store owners. But a few years ago, NACS, in partnership with Conexxus, developed TruAge—a robust age verification system that takes the guesswork out of age verification by using smartphone technology at every point of sale, including in-store purchases, online orders, curbside pickups and home deliveries.

Kyle McKeen, TruAge CEO, said the program can be beneficial to both the retailer and the customer alike. “TruAge simultaneously protects the retailer by providing evidence of age verification without the risk of managing consumers’ personally identifiable information. It does all of this at no cost to the consumer or retailer,” he said.

Convenience stores manage approximately 20 billion age-restricted transactions each year. McKeen said that with emerging privacy laws and the growing need for identity protection, these transactions are getting more complex all the time. That’s where TruAge can make a difference.

“The system was designed to work with all emerging technologies, such as mobile driver licenses and digital wallets,” he said. “Compatibility with advances in technology will ensure that TruAge will be a viable solution well into the future. TruAge is one of the first technical solutions designed by the industry, for the industry.”

Learn more about TruAge and how it protects you at NACS Show education session “Protecting Your Employees, Your Customers & Your Data With TruAge.” The education session takes place Wednesday at 8 a.m. in room A313.

For many retailers, part of their future means managing their brand in an increasingly digital world. To help with that, NACS introduced THRIVR powered by SOCi, an all-in-one solution to take control of and simplify the management of online listings, store reviews and social and reputation management.

Jen Johnson, NACS director of business development, said online brand management is a critical asset for retailers today and in the future.

“It’s not enough just to have a listing online,” she said. “You need to own all the listings and manage them effectively. Consumers are utilizing search, reviews and social media consistently throughout their buying journey. For only $300 per location, per year, this platform simplifies an increasingly important function so you can focus on other areas of the business.”

This year, THRIVR released its first AI feature. Genius Reviews is an auto-generated review response. It provides retailers with a suggested response to a review, which can then be modified or reviewed and sent to the site.

“This is just the beginning,” Johnson said. “Incorporating AI into functions to drive more simplification and automation will allow retailers to put their focus on building the business while still being engaged with the customer.”

Interested in learning more about THRIVR? Register now for “Overcoming the C-Store Blind Spots in Digital Searching,” an education session taking place Wednesday at 9:15 a.m. in room A412.

If you are unable to make it to the education sessions, come visit Booth #9997 to learn more about TruAge, THRIVR and other NACS industry initiatives and advancements.