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Chris Rapanick

Managing Director, NACS Research

 Chris Rapanick is the managing director of research at NACS. Chris’ team produces, the NACS State of the Industry Report, The State of the Industry Summit, SOI Compensation Report, Convenience Voices Shopper Insights Program, the CSX Benchmarking Database and thought leadership whitepapers published by NACS. 
Chris came to NACS from Coca-Cola Enterprises with a love of data and the convenience channel. In his 14-year career with NACS, he has dedicated himself to helping retailers make better decisions by using data analysis and suppliers “speak the retailers’ language” by understanding the details of their business model. 
Chris started his career in retail managing grocery stores for a prominent retailer in the southeast. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.

Speaking at:

State of the Industry Update: Leveraging the Latest Financial Benchmarks

In this data-driven session, delivered using the NACS State of the Industry Summit format, attendees will delve into an extensive analysis of key performance metrics gleaned from the proprietary...