Each NACS Show registration includes access to the expo as well as access to more than 40 education sessions. It’s essential for your success to combine classroom learning with hands-on exploration inside the exhibit hall. But how you can you choose the educations sessions that will deliver you the most value?

To guide your session selection this year, NACS has developed three segments based on where you are in the business lifecycle in a certain topic. Your experience level can vary, depending on the topic.

View our infographic below to understand the differences between the segments: LAUNCHERS, EXPERIMENTERS, and TRANSFORMERS.

Read each session description carefully and look for the segment identifier to understand if the session is designed for your current needs. Your “segment” will likely not be the same across all topics—in some areas you might be searching for how to’s and best practices and on other topics you could be seeking inspirational, forward-thinking thought leadership. At the NACS Show, there is a solution for every learning style and experience level.

When selecting an education session, ask yourself where you are with the topic:

A NACS Show attendee could be in any one of these segments based on the topic.

Example: Someone starting out in foodservice may find themselves drawn to the how-to and best practices sessions in the Launchers or Experimenters segments, while those with a more advanced and mature tech business model, for example, might find themselves drawn to the forward-thinking thought leadership for sessions in the Influencers segment.