NACS State of the Industry data suggests snacks sales are increasingly driven by changing dietary preferences as well as perceived health benefits.  The NACS Cool New Products: Snack Innovations Box is an exclusive marketing opportunity created for NACS supplier members, delivering your newest snack innovations to 200 NACS retail members with buying power this summer.

How It Works

In September, 200 leading industry retailers with buying power will receive their NACS CNP Snack Innovations Box. Along with the shipment, retailers will receive a list of participating suppliers, product names and sales contact information so they can connect with you.


This opportunity is open to NACS supplier members with products meeting the following criteria:

  1. Qualifying products must be in one of following sub-categories:
    • Salty Snacks - other salty snacks, tortilla chips, nuts/seeds, puffed cheese, crackers, mixed, ready to eat popcorn;
    • Alternative Snacks - meat snacks, other alternative snacks, and granola/fruit snacks 
  2. Qualifying products must have one or more of the following attributes:
    • Clean labels with simple ingredients
    • Snacks that convey functional health benefits (ex. energy, detox, etc.)
    • Products for restricted and/or preferential diets (ex. gluten-free, paleo, keto, etc.)
  3. Qualifying products must be new - released on/after October 4, 2019.

Not sure your product qualifies? Contact Nicole Walbe at

Cost and Details

$1,500 (net) for the insertion of two pieces into each box.

  • One product entry includes two pieces in each box (400 pieces total)
  • Maximum of two product entries per supplier (two separate SKUs; 800 pieces total)
  • Size and weight limitations for all products inserted will apply
  • Glass products, flammable products, illegal products and age verification products are restricted

Deadline to Order: July 13, 2020

Product Approval

  • All products must be approved by NACS prior to acceptance into the box.
  • All insert reservations are not firm until a sample is received. Receipt and approval secure your spot in the box.
  • Products arriving at the facility that do not match the approved size and weight will not be accepted and will not be included in the box.
  • Promotional items cannot be accepted if they have a NACS, NACS Show or NACS Cool New Products logo on them.
  • No refunds. 

Don’t Wait for Retailers to Come to You

Space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reach out to your NACS regional rep and reserve your space today!

Stacey Dodge Advertising Director/Southeast, (703) 518-4211
Jennifer Nichols National Advertising Manager/Northeast, (703) 518-4276
Ted Asprooth National Sales Manager/West-Midwest, (703) 518-4277