<p><strong>Sterling Hawkins<br/>
Keynote Speaker, Author, Investor</strong></p>

Hunting Discomfort: Becoming Resilience Ready and Built for Breakthrough Growth

Sterling Hawkins
Keynote Speaker, Author, Investor

Discomfort is inevitable as we all contend with a world disrupted by technology, changed by the pandemic, and fraught with risk, talent shortages and incredible uncertainty. Growth has always...

<p><strong>Bridget Brennan<br/>
Founder and CEO<br/>
Female Factor</strong></p>

Winning Her Business: Grow Sales and Market Share with the World’s Most Powerful Consumers

Bridget Brennan
Founder and CEO
Female Factor

Bridget is a true expert and leading authority on women consumers. She is the author of two books on the buying power of women and has a long tenure in research and education on women consumers. In...