Building a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion Among Customers and the Workforce

In this session, we delve into the journey and initiatives that major global renown companies and stores have developed to offer a culture of inclusion among their customers, consumers, and with...

<p><strong>Sterling Hawkins<br/>
Keynote Speaker, Author, Investor</strong></p>

Hunting Discomfort: Becoming Resilience Ready and Built for Breakthrough Growth

Sterling Hawkins
Keynote Speaker, Author, Investor

Discomfort is inevitable as we all contend with a world disrupted by technology, changed by the pandemic, and fraught with risk, talent shortages and incredible uncertainty. Growth has always...

<p><strong>Bridget Brennan<br/>
Founder and CEO<br/>
Female Factor</strong></p>

Winning Her Business: Grow Sales and Market Share with the World’s Most Powerful Consumers

Bridget Brennan
Founder and CEO
Female Factor

Bridget is a true expert and leading authority on women consumers. She is the author of two books on the buying power of women and has a long tenure in research and education on women consumers. In...