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Rebecca Gregory

Center Store Category Manager
Weigel's Stores, Inc.

Industry Activity/Interests:
Current Position: As the Center Store Category Manager at Weigel's, Rebecca plays a crucial role in overseeing the product selection, inventory management, and overall performance of the company's center store categories. With her expertise and strategic insights, she contributes to driving growth and enhancing the customer experience.

Past Positions: Rebecca has had a diverse and extensive career within the industry, holding various positions that have shaped her professional journey. From starting as a cashier and progressing to relief manager, assistant manager, and store manager, she has gained valuable hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the retail landscape. Additionally, her roles as a marketing associate, rebate manager, and graphic design specialist have provided her with a comprehensive skill set to navigate different aspects of the industry.

Personal Activity/Interest:
Outside of her professional endeavors, Rebecca values her role as a parent and draws inspiration from her two young daughters. She is motivated daily to create a world where her daughters can thrive and succeed. When not engaged in work or family commitments, Rebecca enjoys exploring the world beyond her doorstep. Whether it's embarking on long drives to discover new places or revisiting cherished favorites, she find solace in experiencing new environments. At home, Rebecca finds comfort and relaxation in the pages of a captivating book.

Speaking at:

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