CHICAGO—The Cool New Products Preview Room is a must-see for attendees who want to check out the latest products, flavors, packaging and innovations available to the convenience and fuel retailing industry.

Show-goers can scan their favorite Cool New Products via the official NACS Show mobile app. It automatically syncs with the My Show Planner website.

Of the 270 products featured in the Preview Room, the top 10 (based on scans) as of 4 p.m. today were: 

  1. Mashgin—The Touchless Checkout System (Booth No. 6886)
  2. Lancer Worldwide—IBD Bold 30i (Booth No. 4657)
  3. Naturipe Farms LLC—Naturipe Snacks™—Berry Parfait and Boost Bentos & Bliss Bentos (Booth No. 6677)
  4. Toysmith—Joy Tower 360 (Booth No. 7887)
  5. The SAM Machine Corp. dba SAM Corp.—The SAM Machine (Booth No. 6894)
  6. C4®— C4 Energy (Booth No. 6109)
  7. Anchor Packaging—Crisp Food Technologies® Fry Baby® (Booth No. 6145)
  8. 5-hour Energy—5-hour ENERGY: Innovation in on-the-go products (Booth No. 2413)
  9. David's Cookies— Individually Packaged Retail Ready Products (Booth No. 6080)
  10. David's Cookies—Individually Packaged Retail Ready Products (Booth No. 6080) 

Located in Booth 7837 in the South Building/Hall A, the Cool New Products Preview Room is open during the following hours:

  • Friday: 8 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

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