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Rodolfo Castillo

Country Manager Nicaragua
AMPM CentroAmerica
AMPM Centro America is a non-petrol convenience store chain that began in 2012 by Pablo Andonie, reaching 3 countries in 2022.​The mission is to improve the daily shopping experience to our customers with quality product and services offering in a safe, fast, and pleasant environment.​
  had an opportunity to develop my professional career in telecommunication network services & QSR companies. Since 2016, I was leading Operations of Convenience Stores (Retail)My Background includes developing and leading B2B and B2C transactions in areas such as customer Service, QSR Operations, leading projects to opening stores, enhance productivity and projects related to growth professional excellence.
Nowadays, my role is Country Manager AMPM Nicaragua
 I am committed to adding value to others. To reach this purpose, I need to prepare myself. AMPM gave me the opportunity to become in NACS Master of Convenience this year.My passion is dedicated to developing people. I understood if I want to build my personal & professional value before, I should add value to others.

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