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NACS Show 2023
  • Conference: October 3-6, 2023
  • Expo: October 4-6, 2023
  • Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta

Peter Rasmussen

CEO and Founder
Convenience and Energy Advisors

Peter Rasmussen is the CEO and Founder of Convenience and Energy Advisors (CEA) which specializes in consulting and managed services that deliver thematic sustainable solutions with a fresh take, exclusively for the convenience and energy industries. The firm is rooted in over twenty years of experience in brand transformational and disruptive growth with a network of passionate and experienced advisors, consultants, and project managers, focused on leading dynamic and complex organizational innovation.

Prior to CEA, Peter spent the previous two years at Neon Marketplace, where he led the organization and was a founding member of the convenience, food, and energy retail chain from concept to a successful and scalable model that was a true disruptor for the industry. Predicating Neon Marketplace, Rasmussen held multiple senior level roles over a 17-year career with Wawa, Inc.

Speaking at:

Prioritizing the Customer Experience

The Customer Experience or CX, once defined by being nice and some kind words has evolved. CX now drives a multichannel approach to retail that includes in-store, online, and at the pump or EV...