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Mark Wells

LJT Management

Mark Wells of LJT started in the Retail Petroleum Industry with Texaco Oil in 1978 as a lessee/dealer.  The challenges and trials of operating a full service bay facility during the height of the oil embargo were instrumental in forming Mark’s concepts for training new retailers. From 1982 to 1998, Mark was affiliated with Marathon Oil and operated multiple high volume gasoline, TBA and C-Store operations. During this time he honed his skills in operations and promotions to become one of the top volume retailers for Marathon. His management successes, business systems techniques, and promotional initiatives have been featured in numerous trade publications.

Mark became affiliated with LJT Management Services in 1991.In August of 2004, Mark became president of LJT Management.

Because of his extensive personal experiences in hands-on service station and convenience store management, he has been able to share his perspectives and experiences with thousands of retailers, operators, and corporate and wholesale employees in numerous training environments.

Mark is consistently active within the Retail Oil/C-Store channels as an on-site consultant for existing as well as new facilities, convenience stores, car washes, and quick service restaurants. His entrepreneurial approach to service station and convenience store management enables him to build attainable business plans as well as successful operational systems for new and existing locations.

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