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Lisa Dell'Alba

Square One Markets, Inc.

Lisa Dell’Alba was born into the world of retail at Square One Markets. As a young child her father disallowed her to partake in the operation of their family business, but there was no way to diminish her determination. Her persistence and drive finally paid off and she joined the Square One Staff as the manager of the family’s flagship site. 

Dell’Alba’s role in the family business led to management of multi-facilities, category manager and later catapulted her into the position of human resource director. She assumed the title of vice president of operations at the age of 28, where she developed innovative concepts such as a team-based approach to operations management, a redefinition of customer service excellence and implemented the concept of multi-person interviews to strengthen her team’s approach to operations. She became president of Square One Markets in 2009 and continues to strive for the core values that have been a part of the family business for over four decades. Her hands-on approach to all facets of the operation continue to lead her into new programs, policies and challenges that give her the job satisfaction each and every day.

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