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Jen Johnson

Director of Business Development - Localized Marketing
Jennifer (Jen) Johnson is the NACS Director of Business Development – Localized Marketing Solutions and leads the sales and development of THRIVR, NACS new localized marketing platform powered by SOCi.
Jen joined NACS in early 2023 from NCR Corporation, where she most recently served as the Channel Sales Specialist, with responsibility for growing the convenience and fuel channel. Her background and experience is in developing and deploying solutions to industry retailers, wholesalers and major oil; leading marketing and sales enablement programs. She brings a deep understanding of technology and the role digital transformation is playing in the convenience and fuel retail landscape. Her 20+ year career with NCR spanned roles across retail, banking, telecom and technology, hospitality, and global sales and operations.
A graduate of Indiana University, Jen holds a BA in Computer Information Systems and Business Process Management. She currently resides in Austin, TX, and is doing her part to Keep Austin Weird.

Speaking at:

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