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Chris Bambury

Bambury, Inc. dba BONNEAU

Chris Bambury is a 4th generation retailer overseeing 40 employees between multiple businesses located in the Sonoma Valley, 50 miles north of San Francisco. The family still operates the site that Chris’s Great Grandfather started as a general store in 1922, before the Golden Gate was even built. Chris came back to work for the family in 2002 starting as an entry level employee before moving up the ranks. In recent years, Chris has served on the California Service Station and Automotive Repair Association (CSSARA) board and currently serves as a director on both the Pacific Oil Conference (POC) and California Independent Oil Marketers Assoc. (CIOMA) boards. He has found his recent schedule busy preparing to begin construction on a new-age 5,000 sq. ft. store with gourmet food and coffee offerings as well as specialty beer and wine tasting.

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