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NACS Show 2023
  • Conference: October 3-6, 2023
  • Expo: October 4-6, 2023
  • Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta

De-Escalate Customer Issues

October 1, 2022
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM PDT
Location: Westgate: Ballroom B


With complaints and issues from customers on the rise, I want to make sure I am maintaining a safe environment for both other customers and employees.

When is a guest at your store no longer a customer, but someone who needs to leave due to the disruption they are causing? How are other guests impacted when someone has a loud complaint or altercation in your store? As an industry, convenience stores pride themselves on good customer service, but sometimes the customer is not always right, and their complaints and issues can negatively impact the morale and engagement of employees. In this session, risk management and asset management professionals from Casey’s and McDonald’s will share best practices in de-escalating those issues so you can promote a safe environment for both guests and staff.


  • Consider ways to keep staff engaged when they have to interact with difficult guests 
  • Educate staff in conflict avoidance, and how to positively communicate out of stocks and short staffing issues
  • Summarize instances where it is okay to ask a guest to leave your store based on their interactions with staff