Pitching In!

NACS emphasizes sustainability with recycling opportunities at the NACS Show.

October 01, 2019

ATLANTA—NACS is reducing its environmental footprint at the NACS Show through a number of initiatives and recycling efforts. And you can help!

For the first time, attendees can recycle their name badges at the conclusion of the NACS Show. Specially designated name badge recycle bins, provided by Terracycle, are located at convention center exits. According to Carolyn Schnare, NACS director of strategic initiatives, there are plenty of other ways attendees can make a difference, even on the final day.

“Recycling is something everyone can do easily and conveniently throughout the NACS Show venues,” Schnare said. “Remember to think before you throw and be sure to put the correct items in the correctly labeled bins. When in doubt, throw it out!”

Even on the final day, you can make a difference. Recycle empty beverage containers (with the caps on) in marked bins throughout the Georgia World Congress Center. Continue refilling your water bottles with the filtered water stations throughout the GWCC.

“People are becoming more concerned with the sustainability practices of the brands they interact with and we, at NACS, recognize that we have to do our part to be transparent in our actions which is why the NACS Show is making positive contributions in Atlanta,” Schnare said.

Learn more at www.nacsshow.com/about.