Leo Vercollone

Verc Enterprises, Inc.

Company: Verc Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1975. It is a privately held retail convenience store/gasoline station group operating 24 stores and 2 car washes. in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Verc also owns and operates six carwashes, both with and without gas/c-stores. The company works closely with the communities it serves and is involved in a number of local causes. One of Verc's greatest sources of pride is their involvement in employing Intellectually and Developmentally Delayed (IDD) individuals. Over twenty percent of Verc's workforce is comprised of these individuals and Verc has been honored by many organizations for their efforts. Verc Enterprises has recently taken on a new challenge. Verc has become a leading employer for the Massachusetts Re-Entry program, firmly believing in second chances. 

Industry Activities/Interests: Leo joined the business in 1977 and partnered with his father, Eugene and his brother Paul. Leo has previous experience with the family business, having been involved with the carwash that his father started in Marshfield in 1975. He has been active in a number of civic and community groups. Leo is presently involved with: Boston College Alumni Association Board of Directors, Trinity Catholic Academy, Inner City K-8 School, Board of Directors, Gulf Oil Leadership Council, Chairman, Global (Mobil) Alliance Dealer Council Member and NECSA (New England Convenience Store Association) Vice Chair - Chair 10/13. Additionally, Leo has served as a religious education teacher at Holy Family Catholic Church in Duxbury, Massachusetts and is presently on the Finance Council. 

Personal: Leo earned a B.S. in marketing from Boston College. He lives in Duxbury with his wife Joanne. They are the parents of four grown children: Tyla, Shaye, Courtney and Michael.