Bill Pitocco

Vice President
Greater Houston Retailers Cooperative Association, Inc.

​Bill Pitocco is the Vice President of the Greater Houston Retailers Association, a cooperative in South Texas.

GHRA supports 1958 member stores, over 30 million customers a month and over 8 billion in annual sales through its members stores.

Bill holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from Texas State University and a masters degree in theology from The University of St. Thomas in Houston Texas.

Bill began his career in the Convenience store industry with a large oil company, Texaco.

At Texaco, Bill was a multi-unit supervisor, a district manager and  a wholesale manager before landing a position in the Convenience retailing department as a product coordinator.

That position led to a number of Category manager roles at the corporate headquarters.

After Shell oil company  purchased Texaco, Bill went on to be the Franchise coordinator for the Star Mart and ETD brands and ultimately developed the cooperative programs that would be the basis for pulling together the company’s 14,500 retail locations.

In 2003, Bill left Shell and began a career on the selling side of the business with Coors Brewing Company. 

His work was centered on the convenience store segment until he moved to the Wal mart team

In 2007, Bill began working as a Director at the Dr pepper Snapple company, again working in Convenience retailing and the grocery segment.

Then, in 2009, his love for retail called him home and Bill was fortunate to be offered a positions with Bucee’s, the chain with the  highest ratings in the nation for the best gas station customer service!

Then, in 2013, Bill took his current position as Vice President at the Greater Houston Retailers Association and has been with the company ever since.

“We now hold the torch of this amazing industry, ever changing and ever competitive.  It is the competition and the constant change that makes us grow and it is that growth that has provided families who work in this industry with homes, food and health for generations. It is our call to keep the fire of that torch burning”.

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