Gunter Pfau


Gunter Pfau is the Founder and CEO of Stuzo. Gunter founded Stuzo in 2007 recognizing the opportunity of Social Technology and its potential business impact. Gunter is a visionary seeing the future beyond what the majority can see. He first predicted that a small company - Facebook - while only at 20 million users would turn into a global social technology juggernaut changing the way that billions of people and millions of businesses around the world communicate and interact.

Gunter’s vision has guided Stuzo on its path to helping its clients seize the future, from its first client Facebook, to Google, Mastercard, and the hundreds of Enterprise clients who have engaged Stuzo for its Digital Product Innovation Services.

Gunter is recognized as an accomplished entrepreneur, thought leader, and a trusted business advisor in Digital Products and Platforms. Gunter’s passion for innovation that transforms how Enterprises successfully engage consumers across Digital Channels has made Stuzo a leader in Mobile and has led to the development of its Personalized and Predictive Commerce products and services within the convenience and fuel retail industry.