Keep What's Important: Your Employees

Tuesday, Oct 9 | 8:00am – 9:00am

Location: Pavilion 9
Track: HR/Labor
Recommended Audience: 1-2 Stores; 3-25 Stores; 26-500 Stores; 500+ Stores

This session will be conducted in a "Pardon the Interruption" format with a panel of engagement and retainment professionals from three retailers. They will be answering questions on ways that they draft, coach, and manage their rosters to keep their teams. Designed with anyone trying to crack the code on keeping their people, this session will provide insight from three different retail organizations.

Managing Partner
Fortify Leadership Group
HR Manager
Gier Oil Company, Inc
Operations Training & Development Manager
QuikTrip Corporation
VP, Talent Management
Maverik, Inc.