The Long & Winding Last Mile: Solving The C-Store Delivery Conundrum

Monday, Oct 8 | 8:00am – 9:00am

Location: Pavilion 4
Track: Strategy
Recommended Audience: 1-2 Stores; 3-25 Stores; 26-500 Stores; 500+ Stores

To paraphrase poet Robert Frost, the delivery woods “are lovely, dark and deep,” and retailers see their customers and understand that they “have promises to keep.” But what promises? And at what cost, if they are to have miles to go before they sleep? Delivery is both opportunity and challenge to the c-store community, as it increasingly is an option being offered by competitors in a range of formats. C-store retailers need to evaluate the economics and infrastructure needed to make it work, and decide whether to offer a proprietary service or find a partner. In this session, we will explore the options, assess the implications, analyze past experiences and provide a realistic framework for smart decision-making.

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