The Fuels Institute: FUELing the Future

Sunday, Oct 7 | 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Location: Pavilion 1
Track: Fuels
Recommended Audience: 1-2 Stores; 3-25 Stores; 26-500 Stores; 500+ Stores

Headlines declaring the end of the internal combustion engine and liquid fuels are causing some retailers to panic about the future of their fuels business. But are the headlines reflective of reality? What is the realistic expected pace of change, what is really happening in the market and how soon will changes actually affect the fuels retailing industry? Brought to you by The Fuels Institute, and designed for any company with a fuel business, this session will look beyond the headlines to provide a more realistic assessment of the future evolution of the fuels business and provide suggestions to prepare your stores to capitalize on market opportunities.

Director, Operations
Fuels Institute
Analyst - Global Automotive
Stratas Advisors
Executive Director
Fuels Institute