Keys to Efficiency Under Pressure

Sunday, Oct 7 | 1:15pm – 2:15pm

Location: Pavilion 9
Track: Personal Development
Recommended Audience: 1-2 Stores

The average American has an attention span of 9 seconds – that’s less than a goldfish. In an increasingly hyperconnected and 24/7 world, our minds are constantly racing trying to observe, manage, react, and respond to our surroundings. For any business operator, this lack of focus tends to increase the pressure of the tasks at hand. Geared towards small operators, but applicable to all, this session will provide you with techniques to reset your brain to be more efficient when stressed. Come and gain tools to release stress, become more present, and achieve laser focus to ensure you are operating your c-store business as efficiently as possible.

Vice President
Greater Houston Retailers Cooperative Association, Inc.
Fuel Express