For Exhibitors

Buyers come to the NACS Show to find game-changing ideas. They want new products and new connections. Let them know how you can provide exactly what they?re looking for with NACS Show marketing!

We have four special packages to satisfy your marketing needs, deliver high impact and provide substantial value.

NACS Show Cool New Product Package*
(quarter-page ad, $900 net investment ? a $1,200 value! Or half-page ad, $1,500 net investment ? a $2,000 value!)

  • Cool New Product ad (in the October NACS Show issue of NACS Magazine)
  • 3-month, online Cool New Product ad (at NACS Online during the months of October, November and December)

*Available to NACS or PEI members that are Cool New Products Preview Room exhibitors only.

NACS Show Traffic Driver Package ($12,000 net investment ? a $19,928 net value!)

Purchase a full-page ad in all 3 NACS Show publications:

  1. October NACS Show Issue of NACS Magazine
  2. NACS Show Daily (your ad appears in all 3 days' dailies)
  3. NACS Show Onsite Guide

NACS Show Onsite Exposure Package

Purchase a full-page ad in NACS Magazine?s October NACS Show issue and receive half off a full-page NACS Show Daily ad.

NACS Show Frequency Package ($14,000 net investment ? a $22,150 net value!)

  1. 3 full-page ads in NACS Magazine ? one in each of the following issues: September Pre-Show issue, October NACS Show issue, and November Post-Show issue
  2. Half -page ad in the NACS Show Onsite Guide
  3. NACS Online square button banner ad for the month of September

Purchase of this package qualifies advertisers for the following added value:

  • Half-price, Full-page ad in the Official NACS Show Daily