CHICAGO—Whether you consider yourself an expert on a certain topic or you’re just beginning to dip your toes into the water, the diverse range of industry-specific education sessions at the NACS Show provides something for everyone.

Sessions are organized into three segments—Launcher, Experimenter or Transformer—to help you craft a tailor-made learning experience based on your current understanding of a given subject.

“We designed these segments as a way to help attendees select topics that best fit their needs at a particular time in their business life cycle,” said Erin Pressley, NACS vice president of education and media. “An attendee might be a Launcher when it comes to cannabis retailing, but a Transformer on a topic such as mobile ordering and delivery, already looking to take what they are doing now to the next level.”

A series of questions will help you to identify your phase of the business life cycle, and you’ll want to look for that segment’s iconic identifier and color as you read through session descriptions to help you choose which ones to attend.

“Launcher sessions are for beginners on that topic,” said Pressley. “Experimenter sessions are for those who have tried a few things in that space already and are looking for more information. The Transformer sessions are for those really looking to take what they are already doing to the next level.”

Store count or organization size is not a consideration when choosing an education session. Simply read each session description and look for the segment identifier to understand if the session is designed for your current needs. There is a solution for every learning style and experience level.

This year’s 40-plus learning opportunities range from category best practices to fully reimagining business operations to implementing technology innovations, and each is designed by industry peers with the ultimate goal of making both you and your entire team better. Connect directly with industry experts and analysts to learn more about today’s problems, including but not limited to: 

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